Map of Neighbors by Ring Partnerships (UPDATE)

UPDATE: This map is no longer being updated. On Aug 28, 2019, Ring revealed its Neighbors app partnerships publicly. You can see that here.

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(Last Updated: Aug 27 2019)

Ring has partnered with “over 225 law enforcement agencies,” according to police memos obtained by Gizmodo. However, as Ring has repeatedly declined to reveal information about their agreements, the extent of their partnerships has been unknown—until now. Compiled using a combination of news reports, press releases, and announcements on the Ring app, the map above contains 358 law enforcement agencies partnered with Amazon Ring. [There were 231 agencies on the map at publication]

Some caveats: the map doesn’t include agencies in the process of signing agreements or agencies with only subsidy agreements without further involvement in the Neighbors by Ring app. Also, the memo Gizmodo obtained is from April. Since new agencies are signing on nearly every day, the map is definitely incomplete.

I’ve also made a thread on Twitter with more information about these partnerships.

Feel free to use this for any purpose, but include a link back to this blog post. Please let me know at if you see anything missing or incorrect.